Class Descriptions

Foundational Pilates Mat Classes (55 minutes)

Suitable for all levels, Foundational Mat classes focus on, as Joseph Pilates would say, helping each student to “get the method in their body.” Students work to learn, refine and advance their work through Concentration, Centering, Control, Breathing, Precision and Flowing Movement. The classical mat routine includes modifications, progressions and variations of exercises in the order and sequence designed by Joseph Pilates.

  • Develop your Pilates knowledge, understanding and practice from the ground up! Learn and integrate the language and sequence of movements that will increase flexibility, strength and balance.
  • Learn how to modify exercises to address challenges.
  • Discover your own signs of readiness for new challenges within the mat routine.
  • Experience exercise variations through the addition of props
  • Limited to 8 students; small classes provide the opportunity for attention to each student’s technique and/or need for modifications.
  •  Pre-registration required. Please sign-up to reserve your space!
Single Class$20
10 Classes$180

Pilates Springboard Classes

The Springboard is a wall-mounted apparatus inspired by Joseph Pilates’ Cadillac and designed to feature many of the exercises performed using the Cadillac/Trapeze Table or tower. A sound understanding of the Mat routine will support learning to execute exercises with the assistance (and challenge!) of springs. Exercises can be performed supine, prone, seated, kneeling and standing, supporting the development of strength, flexibility and balance. Props are added for exercise variations.

Complimentary assessment for those with recent Pilates Mat and/or Pilates Reformer experience. Please contact me to schedule your assessment!  

New to Pilates? See Pathways to Pilates Springboard (description below).

Pilates Springboard Classes (55 minutes)

  • Broaden your Pilates experience with the assistance and challenge of springs.
  • Experience exercise variations through the addition of props.
  • Limited to 4 students.
  • Pilates Mat experience required.
  • Pre-registration required. Please sign up to reserve your space.
Single Class$35
10 Classes$300
20 Classes$500

Intro Pilates Mat and Springboard Classes (55 minutes)

  • An introduction or reintroduction to the basic Mat exercises.
  • An introduction to the Springboard.
  • Also great for those with Pilates experience but new to the Springboard who need to pay special attention to orthopedic or other issues.
  • Limited to 4 students.
  • Pre-registration required. Please sign up to reserve your space!
Single Class$35
10 Classes$300
20 Classes$500

Pathway to Pilates Springboard

Knowledge of the Foundational Pilates Mat repertoire is the key to success and fun in Springboard classes.  Whether in group classes or individual sessions, Pilates Mat is the best foundation!  All Springboard students are encouraged to continue their Mat practice.  Beginners have the opportunity to develop their Mat and Springboard knowledge and skills on the following Pathways:

Special Pathway Packages for Pilates beginners and those for whom it has been a while

Pathway 1 Package

  • Ten Intro Pilates Mat and Springboard classes, focusing on Foundational Pilates Mat exercises and their application to the Springboard
10 Classes$275

Pathway 2 Package

  • Four private Foundational Mat sessions, followed by four Intro Pilates Mat and Springboard classes
4 Private Sessions &
4 Classes

Follow-up Focus Classes (Mat or Springboard; 30 minutes or 55 minutes)

  • Individual sessions providing the opportunity to address needs that surface during classes.
  • Focus on challenges, answer questions and develop or review homework assignments.
  • Must be enrolled in Mat or Springboard classes.
30 Minutes$45
55 Minutes$85

Semi-private and private small group classes by arrangement