Pilates Class Descriptions

Offering Studio-Based and Online Classes

Class Schedule

Studio Equipment Class: Pilates Principles and Applications (50 minutes) Fridays, 9:00 a.m.

  • Pilates experience and instructor approval required.  New students are asked to contact me prior to signing up for class.
  • Limited to 4 Students  
  • Refine your Matwork technique
  • Deepen your understanding and technique on the Springboard (Tower), props and other apparatus.
  • Integrate Pilates Principles into your practice
    • Concentration
    • Centering
    • Control
    • Breathing
    • Precision
    • Flowing Movement

Advance Registration Required.  Sorry, no drop-ins

Note: Class packages are not refundable and expire in 6 months. 

Single Class$31
5 Classes$155
10 Classes$310

Classical Pilates Matwork Classes - Studio and Online (50 minutes)

New students welcome! Please contact me before signing-up for class!

Practice Classical Matwork and Variations!

In the Studio: Tuesdays, 12:00 Noon

Online: Thursdays, 12:00 Noon (link provided after sign-up)

  • Increase flexibility, strength and balance
  • Understand the order and sequence of the classical mat routine
  • Learn how to modify exercises to address challenges
  • Discover your own signs of readiness for new challenges
  •  Add variety and new challenges to your  Matwork practice using bands, balls, power circles, hand weights, and soft foam rollers!
  • Contact me with questions about purchasing props and/or prop substitutions for use in online classes.

All Matwork Classes:

  • Small classes provide the opportunity for attention to each student’s technique and/or need for modifications.
  • If you are a beginner or have never taken a Pilates class with me, please contact me before signing up for a class.
  • Pre-registration required. Sorry, no drop-ins. Please sign up to reserve your space and, for online classes, to receive link to class

Matwork Class packages are valid for both Studio and Online Matwork classes.

Note: Class packages are not refundable and expire in 6 months. 

Single Class$21
10 Classes$210

Private small group classes by arrangement